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Time Hacks for Busy Cat Owners Seeking More Sleep on the Weekends | Hiccpet

Time Hacks for Busy Cat Owners Seeking More Sleep on the Weekends

As a busy cat parent, you may have work schedules and so much housework that you don’t have enough time to take care of your fur baby. Don’t worry! With a little time-management, you can save yourself from the guilt of not cuddling with your kitty. There are a lot of time-savings hacks for improving your pet care efficiency. We have devised some simple tips to save you time. You may even gain more time to sleep on the weekends. 

Maintain a Daily Routine

A messy life will always disrupt your schedule, so developing a daily routine for your cat will save you lots of time. Help your cat become a master of time management.
Feed them regularly. Provide their food at the same time and frequency. Don’t change their eating spot or bowl arrangements. Cats are creatures of habit; and they hate change. Store the cat food so you don’t waste time looking for it. Transfer the main food (e.g., the dry food) to a large container for easier access. Use a measured portion, like, a measuring cup, to stick to the same portion for each meal. Keep the wet food, cans, and treats in one drawer.

Consider an automatic food and water dispenser to speed things up. Cats like drinking running water, and an automatic dispenser ensures your kitten access to fresh, clean food and water.
Even small changes to cat environments can distract and distress their lives. Don’t move their toilet spot unless you want to wrestle with cat poop on the floor. Invest in an automatic, self-cleaning litter box to save you lots of effort.
Cats are nocturnal. Manage their night activity to try to avoid your sleep time disruptions from your active fur baby. Before you go to sleep, provide them with more toys to play with to drain their energy. Hide their toys while you sleep. Some cats like sleeping in different places, so provide several comfortable cat beds for them to encourage their sleeping instincts. Exhaust them by creating an exercise routine. Invest in a running wheel that allows them to entertain themselves and develop a healthy body. Train them using treat rewards.
In short, manage your time, location, and tools. Don’t make changes and stick to a routine. Doing all these things can save you precious time.


Cat Entertainment

After creating a daily schedule for your cat, the next step is to arrange for their entertainment. Cats love playing and they need a lot of play time. Fortunately, if you are too busy to play with them, here are some tips that allow them to entertain themselves, thereby reducing their clinginess.
Cats prefer to hang out in elevated positions. This comes from their instinct to prevent discovery by their enemy. High places also allow them to spot potential prey. Provide some cat trees, window seats, wall shelves, and DIY hammocks, where they can enjoy spending time. Don’t forget that cats have an excellent sense of balance!
Cats also like small spaces. This encourages their natural need for protection. They also need warm, safe places to squish or take a nap. Get some cardboard and make DIY tiny paper houses, cat tents, and cat tunnels, withe kitty doors. You can even convert an old T-shirt into a sleep tent. They can spend a whole day just playing with a paper shopping bag.
While at work, distract your playful kitty with some engaging toys. Utilize different types of interactive toys: electronic pursuit toys, interactive laser toys, circuit ball toys, electronic feather toys, etc. These can keep them entertained for hours.

Don’t forget to set out some cat scratchers to alleviate their boredom. Cats scratch to express their emotions, mark their territories, and remove the dead part of their nails. Providing several scratchers will distract them from shouting at you and prevent them from ruining your sofa and wall. Chew toys will also keep your kitty occupied. There are different kinds of chew toys available for teething cats, so provide them with several options: silvervine cat sticks, chew treats, catnip chew toys, and fresh breath mint balls.
No time to buy toys? Some online subscription services will send toys, food, and litter right to your front door. You can set up your recurring orders by frequency, need, and budget. This also eliminates your need to choose toys and treats.


Make Grooming Time Easier

Cat grooming is one of the most time-consuming activities for cat owners. Grooming trips are costly, always take hours, and rarely available at a good time. Since cats are good at self-cleaning, you don’t need to bring them to the groomers very often. In fact, baths can often traumatize them.  
If your schedule keeps you so busy that you don’t have enough time to wash your cat, the HICC Pet® Grooming Glove Wipes are an ideal hygiene solution for busy pet owners. It can save your cat from the trauma of a new environment and will save you a lot of time and money.

There’s no need to rinse or blow dry after using the glove wipes, so your cat will be much more relaxed and able to enjoy the grooming process more than being in the bathtub. This easy-peasy bath-alternative product can keep your cat’s coat clean and fresh in a snap.

Cat not feeling well? Online vet care providers have increased over the past few years. These services provide a great way to quickly identify issues with your pet. Inquire online, then decide whether you should spend time bringing your fur baby to the vet. Recommended apps: Vetster, Chewy Vet Chat, PetCoach, and Hello Ralphie.

Daily Cleaning Tips

With a furry creature in the house, you may need to spend a large amount of time cleaning your home. Apart from using Pet Grooming Gloves frequently to clean your cat, you will need other tools to pick up their hair. Look for smart strategies, like a robot cleaner, a vacuum designed for cat hair, or a pet hair remover roller brush.
If your cat smells, prepare a pet-friendly anti itch spray or buy some air fresheners for your room. Just remember to always keep them in one place to eliminate time spent looking for them when you need them. 

 If your busy schedule keeps you away from home, hire a professional cat sitter to care for your kitty. Write down your pet’s routine and habits. You can even give your sitter a box of Pet Grooming Gloves to make it easy for them to clean your pet. 
Cats are attention seekers that enjoy your company. Despite your busy schedule, spend a little time bonding with them. Just touching or rubbing them will make them happy. For busy cat owners, consider quality over quantity. Instead of an hour casually hanging out with your cat, concentrate on playing a fun, interactive game with them for 10 minutes. Make the most of the limited bonding time. Cats are lovely animals that can heal you if you let them! 

Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. We are not veterinarians, and the content shared here should not be considered professional veterinary advice.

If you have any questions regarding copyrights or the use of materials in this article, please contact us for clarification.



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