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It is all about providing healthy lifestyles for you and your puppies.

a shiba inu getting his teeth inspected by a female vet. He is earing a harness while his owner holds onto him. preventative pet care.
How To Master Preventative Pet Care: Tips And Advice
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl May 23, 2024
Discover essential preventative pet care tips to keep your pets healthy and happy. Learn expert advice and simple strategies for...
a jack russel running in a house with a man and woman crouching below in the background after letting him off leash
What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Pet
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl May 09, 2024
Thinking about adopting a new dog or cat? Read about the essential tips on what you need to know before...
Is Baking Soda Safe for Dogs and Cats?
Is Baking Soda Safe for Dogs and Cats?
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl April 22, 2024
Learn about the safety of using baking soda for your dog or cat’s dental care needs. Discover the benefits, potential...
a gray and white shitzu out of focus in the background with a hand holding tweezers with a tick on the end of it in focus
How to Protect Your Dog from Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl April 15, 2024
Discover how to safeguard your dog against tick-borne diseases with effective prevention tips, from regular tick checks to preventative medications...
hicc pet grooming products on a purple background with floating coconuts, flowers and bubbles
Benefits of Fermented Coconut Oil for Pets
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl April 08, 2024
Fermented coconut oil is the key ingredient of the HICC Pet® Grooming line. The production process and potential health benefits...
golden retriever standing in grass getting wipes with glove wipes and one hand showing a dirty grooming wipe
Best Natural Grooming Wipes of 2024
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl April 01, 2024
Anytime is a great time to give your pet a fresh start with HICC Pet®'s grooming wipes. Whether you're gearing...
a beagle in a garden itching with the sun shining down
How to Prevent and Manage Seasonal Allergies in Dogs and Cats
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl March 19, 2024
Table of content Understanding Seasonal Allergies Common Allergens Signs and Symptoms Preventive Measures and Treatments for Dogs and Cats Conclusion...
Why is My Dog in Pain After Their Anal Gland Expression?
Why is My Dog in Pain After Their Anal Gland Expression?
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl January 29, 2024
Discover why your dog may be in pain after their anal gland expression and learn about potential causes and helpful...
small black and brown dog sitting on a yoga mat wearing a sweat headband and surrounded by exercise equipment
The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Your Dog's Health and Happiness
For Dogs Cierra Voelkl January 08, 2024
Dogs that engage in regular exercise are generally happier, healthier, and more well-behaved than those that don't. Keep reading to...