things to know before adopting a cat

Adopting a cat : What you need to know

Besides of preparing litter box and food for your newly adopted cat, find out the complete checklist to gear up for pet adoption.

Each year, approximately 7.6 million animals, feral and stray, enter animal shelters and yet every single one of the easily adoptable 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States alone. This is simply because of overcrowding as too many pets come into shelters and too few people think of adopting when looking for a pet. (Source: Learn things to consider before getting a cat through adoption.

What Do I Need to Adopt a Cat?


Adopting a cat is a long-term commitment and make sure we are mentally prepared to take up the responsibility to provide care and home shelter for our adopted cat. Check with your landlord or housemate first if you would like to bring a cat back to your rented home. Discuss with your family members for the decision of adopting a cat to allocate the task for feeding, cleanup and play time session. If you are unsure of pet adoption, you may sign up as a temporary pet sitter to go through the reality experience for taking care a pet.

Vet bill & pet insurance

Another important factor to consider is the bill you need to pay in related with adopting a cat ranging from spaying your cat, regular vet visit, emergency accident, cat illness and etc. One of the benefits of getting your cat to do “Microchip Implantation” is to fulfill the prerequisite requirement of applying a pet insurance from the local service provider. Pet insurance will help you to save quite abit especially during unforeseen circumstances. Pet owners are encouraged to microchip their cat for identification purposes. It also help the shelter to trace easily if your cat is lost from home.

Cat breed & characteristic

Cat breed varies in the aspect of affectionate level, shedding frequency, general health & grooming needs. Kitten which is less than 6 months is generally more active and noisier compared to mature adult cat. Laid back, easy-going and friendly cats such as Ragdoll, Maine Coon and American Shorthair are gentle and loving with kids. Long hair cat such as Persian, Himalayan and Birman will tend to have matting problem and require regular brushing. An older cat, stressful cat, cat with health issue and low-quality food will have excessive shedding. Locate a cat breed which match with your busy or family lifestyle.

adopting a cat

Cat-proof your home

Keep your poisonous plants out of reach from your cat. Make sure the electric cord is stored properly as cats generally love to play with it. Windows need to be closed and latched securely. Kittens will have high energy level and plenty of cat toys are good to keep them entertained. Other basic needs are stink-free litter box, cat food and bedding. Clean your cat litter box once a day to encourage the cat to use the litter box. Some cats are picky with the size and location of the litter box. Just try an error until you find your cat favorite’s litter box. If you would like to prevent your sofa being scratched by the cat, you may prepare a homemade cardboard or scratching post for your adopted cat. Even cats are generally indoor pet, do pay attention on the right grooming option which suit your cat. Cat glove wipes are one of the good bath alternative for cats who are afraid of water.

Cat shelter

Adopting a cat from the shelter can save your effort on vaccination and neutering and most of the pet is already well trained in the shelter home. Always check with the shelters for the age and personality of the adopted cat to meet with your expectation. If you are looking for the adoption shelter in the New York city, you may check out the shelters for cat:

  1. Animal Care Centers of NYC (
  2. ASPCA Adoption Center (
  3. Bideawee (
  4. Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (
  5. Social Tees Animal Rescue (

What to Do When You Adopt a Cat? First Day At Home 

What are things to know before adopting a cat? It’s advisable to prepare a cat carrier when bringing the cat from shelter to home. The moment you reach home, you may slowly place the cat carrier at the designated cat room and observe patiently the cat’s reaction. Cat requires exercise and social interaction and it would be best if you already have another pet at home that can play together. Else, you can consider to adopt two cats together as a playmate. Some cats will be frightened to new environment and therefore they will hide in their secret place initially. Give her some time and don’t force the cat to get close with you immediately. Newly adopted cat might not eat as much food as normal consumption and you may feed them with the same food they have in the shelter.

Animal can be the best companions and research show that human who live with pets live a healthier and happier life. Consider an older cat if you are looking for a well-developed personalities cat which can sit calmly on your lap compared to playful young puppies or kitten.

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