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Benefits of Fermented Coconut Oil for Pets

Fermented coconut oil is the key ingredient of the HICC Pet® Grooming line. The production process and potential health benefits of fermented coconut oil make it different from regular coconut oil. But what exactly is fermented coconut oil, how is it made, and why is it beneficial for pets? Also, is it safe for pets? Read on to find out.

What is Fermented Coconut Oil?

Fermented, or refined, coconut oil undergoes a process in which it undergoes a 7 day fermentation process where the milk or meat is left to ferment often with the help of probiotic bacteria or yeasts. This process enables improved nutrient bioavailability and the generation of additional beneficial compounds, including short-chain fatty acids, antioxidants, and enzymes. Coconut oil is a versatile substance that can be ingested orally, added to food, applied on the skin, or taken as a supplement.

What are the Benefits of Fermented Coconut Oil for Pets?

Coconut oil overall has its benefits before undergoing the fermentation process. Coconuts have been both an important source of nutrients and the base of natural remedies worldwide for thousands of years. Coconut oil contains monosaturated fats (MUFAS) which provide moisturizing and germ-deterring properties making it the perfect solution for natural cleansing and grooming.

But why is fermented coconut oil better than regular? For one, the process allows for a change in the aroma and taste which can make it more tasty for pets which is what makes our Dental Finger Wipes one of our number one sellers. Pets just can’t get enough of them! Also, the compounds generated by the fermentation process of coconut oil have multiple benefits for pets. These compounds have been noted to contribute to improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients, enhanced immune function, and overall health benefits for pets.

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Is Fermented Coconut Oil Safe to Use on Pets?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: Overall, Coconut oil does not pose a risk to dogs and cats, and if given orally, it should be given in moderation and not be a regular part of their routine. If used topically, such as straight fermented coconut oil, or in a wipe, such as the HICC Pet® Deodorizing Glove Wipe, it should still be used in moderation because if they lick it, then they can overconsume. Fermented coconut oil wipes of various kinds are an excellent way to take advantage of the benefits while ensuring there is no risk of over-ingestion due to the amount in an individual wipe.

It's important to be mindful of the quantity of coconut oil that a pet consumes, as excessive intake can lead to obesity, diarrhea, loose stool, elevated cholesterol, and pancreatitis. It's also worth noting that pets may be allergic to coconut oil, so it's best to avoid any coconut oil-based products if your pet has a known allergy. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian before introducing any new products into your pet's routine.

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