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17 DIY Cat Toys Cats Can't Resist

Spoil your favorite feline companion with some creative and crafty DIY cat toys. From cardboard rolls, bells, feather toys, and more, there are numerous ways to treat your cat and give yourself a fantastic project to try. Check out this compiled list of DIY cat toys for multiple or single-cat homes!

1. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cat Treat

Materials needed: 

  • One empty toilet paper roller
  • Cat snacks or treats 
  • Newspaper or Tissue

How to make this toy for cat?

  1. Take an empty toilet paper roller. 
  2. Stuff, your kitty's favorite cat, treats inside like Temptations.
  3. Tear pieces of newspaper or tissue paper and roll them into two balls. Cover both tube openings with these paper balls.
  4. Give to your cat and watch them open up their snackable surprise.

2. DIY Cardboard Cut-Outs

Materials needed: 

  • One cardboard shoe box
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper or Yarn 

How to make this toy for cats?

  1. Take your scissors and start cutting out circles in your shoebox.  
  2. Ensure the cutouts are big enough for your cat to stick their paws through. 
  3. Stuff the box with pieces of newspaper or yarn. 
  4. Allow your cat to try and pull the pieces of string or paper and watch them go into a frenzy. 

3. Cotton Catty Sock Ball 

Materials needed: 

  • One old sock
  • Catnip mix 
  • Cotton
  • String of yarn 

What steps to take to make this toys for the cat?

  1. Take an old sock and stretch it out as much as possible.
  2. Stuff the stocking with equal parts of catnip and cotton to make the sock fluffy and moveable.
  3. Once the sock is stuffed to your liking, tie the sock opening with your yarn. 
  4. Hang the sock ball from a high area or allow your cat to grab and move it independently. 
  5. Watch your cat go crazy over the sock ball.

4. Feathery Feline DIY Sock Toy 

Materials needed: 

  • One small sock 
  • Package of lightweight feathers 
  • String of yarn
  • Scissors 

What steps to take to make this diy cat toys?

  1. Use the scissors and cut vertical strips halfway down the sock. 
  2. Once you have cut your strip openings, stuff your sock with feathers.
  3. Use your yarn to secure the opening tightly. Do not tie the strips. Allow them to fan out. 
  4. Wrap the string around the strips and the feathers to create a colorful flair your cat cannot resist. 

5. DIY Cat Shirt Toys 

Materials needed: 

  • 2-3 shirts (different vibrant colors)  
  • Scissors

How to make this toy?

  1. Take your old shirts and cut them at the seams.
  2. Cut your shirts into even small strip pieces. 
  3. Separate the colors into bundles. 
  4. Take two or three different colors and tie them into knots.
  5. Pull tightly at the ends and watch your kitty enjoy it. 

6. Yarn Rolls 

Materials needed: 

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Yarn 
  • Hot glue  

How to make this toy?

  1. Add hot glue to the top of your toilet paper roll
  2. Wrap your yarn around the glue, securing it to the roll. 
  3. Add more glue to the roll and tightly wrap your yarn around until the cardboard is no longer visible. 
  4. Allow a string of yarn to hang off the roll for the cat to grab with its paws. 

7. Pom Pom Rolls 

Materials needed: 

  • Toilet paper roll 
  • Pom poms
  • Hot glue 

How to make this toy?

  1. Use your glue gun to add little dots around your toilet roll.
  2. Take your poms and press each one onto a glue dot. 
  3. Allow the glue to dry.
  4. Voila. Watch your kitty scratch and play with its new colorful toy. 
  5. No Sew, No Glue Pom Pom Cat Toy

Cats love small, cute plushie balls with appealing colors. Learn more about making your DIY no sew pom pom cat toys. These toys take less than 5 minutes to make for a lifetime of play your cat will appreciate. 

8. Felt Plush Cat Toy 

Materials needed: 

  • Shape cutout 
  • Felt paper
  • Marker
  • Yarn 
  • Sewing needle
  • Cotton

How to make this toy?

  1. Lay out a piece of soft felt paper
  2. Place your shape cutout on top of the felt paper and outline the image with a marker
  3. Cut out two pieces of your felt paper cutout 
  4. Put the two cutouts together and start sewing them together with a needle and yarn. 
  5. Sew all around the cutout until the toy is halfway finished. 
  6. Before closing, fill the toy with cotton pieces until stuffed. 
  7. Sew the remaining opening shit. 

There are different cat felt toy cutouts, like mice, shapes, and more. Find the best DIY toy for your furry companion.  

9. DIY Fishing Cat Toy 

Materials Needed: 

  • A wooden stick 
  • Yarn
  • Plush toy, feather, or pom pom ball

How to make this toy?

  1. Take a long wooden stick outdoors or a smooth, sanded wooden one. 
  2. Tie a long string of yarn to the tip of the stick. 
  3. At the end of the string, tie a small plush toy, a pom pom, or a feather to the end.
  4. Use glue or a threading needle to secure the line to the play material. 

10. Wine Cork DIY Cat Toys 

Enjoy this super simple and fun DIY wine cork cat toy tutorial. 

Materials needed: 

  • Wine corks
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Feathers or string 

How to make this toy for cats?

  1. Boil the corks till they soften.
  2. Take a pair of scissors to create a hole through the cork.
  3. Take hot glue and squeeze a little into the cork hole.
  4. Take feathers or yarn string and stuff them into the hole allowing the feathers to fan out or enable the line to hang. 
  5. Add a little glue to the top to secure the opening. 

11. DIY Cat Tent 

A homemade cat tent is the best playtoy for kitties who value their alone time. It allows your cat to have their hiding place and doubles as a cute cat tent for playtime. Cat tents are pretty simple to make. Using the accessible materials, you can assemble your kitty tent in under 10 minutes. Check out the materials needed and sort through this instructional DIY cat tent video.  

Materials needed: 

  • Wire hanger
  • Colorful medium-sized shirt 
  • Piece of cardboard 
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hole puncher
  • Duct tape

How to make this cat's toy?

Is your cat randomly itching uncontrollably? It may be the material you're using for your cat tent. Ensure the shirt is free of harmful detergents or toxins that can affect your cat's skin. If this is the case and your cat is suffering from allergies, try disposable anti-itch wipes from HICC Pet to stop your cat from itching miserably. 

12. DIY Felt Feather Toy 

Materials needed: 

  • Felt paper
  • Feather cutout template 
  • Marker
  • String
  • Bells 

How to make this toy?

  1. Lay out a piece of felt paper
  2. Outline your feather cutout with a marker on top of the felt paper. Cut out 2-3 feathers. 
  3. Hook a bell to the bottom of your felt feathers 
  4. Tie it all together with a sturdy string. 
  5. Pull the string along the floor and watch your cat come running to play at the sound of the bell. 

13. Hanging Feather Roll DIY Cat Toy  

Materials needed: 

  • One paper towel roll
  • Long ribbon
  • Scissors 
  • Feathers 
  • Glue 

How to make this toy?

  1. Take a long ribbon and string it through the toilet paper roll. Tie it at the top so the ribbon holds the roll when raised. 
  2. Use Scissors to pinch tiny holes in the roll. 
  3. Poke a feather through each hole.
  4. Use tiny drops of hot glue to keep feathers in place.
  5. Allow to dry and hang and watch your cat enjoy their floating playtoy.

14. DIY Scratching Post

Save your furniture from your cat's claws by creating a handmade scratching post. Choose from solid yarn colors or create an ombre effect. 

This scratching post allows you to tap into your inner artists for a simple and fun way to entertain your cat. Also, scratch posts make perfect massage and grooming tools to trim your cat's nails or allow them to clean their fur.

Learn how to make a DIY cat scratching post you both will enjoy. 

15. Pipe Cleaner Ring-O-Rama

This pipe cleaner ring is a fun way to make a silly chain that your cat can chase around and enjoy. Best of all, you only need one material! 

Materials needed: 

  • Colorful pipe cleaners 

How to make this toy for cat?

  1. Take a single pipe cleaner and tie both ends together to form a circle. 
  2. Wrap the pipe cleaner inside itself until the ring is fully formed. This will ensure the metal is not exposed. 
  3. Grab a different color pipe cleaner and loop it through the first pipe cleaner circle. 
  4. Follow the same process until your pipe cleaner chain reaches your desired length. 
  5. Hang your chain in the air for your cat to enjoy. 

16. Straw Rings

Materials needed: 

  • Colorful bendy straws

Don’t have pipe cleaners? No worries! Bendy straws work just as well to create a chain of fun. 

How to make this toys for kittens?

  1. Make your first bendy straw into a circle. 
  2. Take another straw and loop it through the circle until you create a chain with your desired length. 
  3. Use hot glue to secure your circle. 

17. DIY Cat Tree 

Cat trees are popular choices for pet owners. Their cats can jump, play, scratch, and rest on these large yarn contraptions. They come in many different sizes for cats of all ages. Another great thing is their lifespan. Cat trees last almost forever, but the price for one of these can be costly. Instead of breaking the bank, learn the best method of creating your cat tree to impress your guests and put your cat in a frenzy. a DIY cat tree tutorial, click this link.

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If you have any questions regarding copyrights or the use of materials in this article, please contact us for clarification.



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