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How to Travel with Your Dog

How to Travel with Your Dog

Whether you’re taking a flight out-of-state or hopping in the car for a cross-country road trip, make sure your pet is safe and secure for the journey. Be prepared with any pet-related documents, medications and dog necessities while traveling. 

What Should You Pack for Dogs

Start prepping for your trip by making a packing checklist for your dog. If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to have copies of your dog’s health and vaccination records that are easily accessible. You may be asked to present them when landing in another country, and having them on hand in case of vet emergencies is always helpful. 

Double-check that you have packed any medications your dog might need during the trip. If you have copies of the prescriptions, bring those with you for any out-of-state visits to the vet. 

Before leaving, make sure your dog’s collar is secured with the proper I.D. tags. Pack a sturdy leash, a comfortable harness and extra doggy bags (even more than you think you’ll need)! Also, bring airtight containers of your dog’s food and treats, especially if they need to eat a specific brand that might not be available in other locations. Along with the kibble, pack portable, on-the-go dishes your dog can eat and drink out of for daytime excursions or during travel.

If you want to be extra safe, consider bringing a dog first aid kit for your journey. You can get pet-friendly first aid kits that are already packed with gauze pads, tweezers and other necessities to care for minor injuries while traveling. 

How to Keep Your Dog Calm While Flying

Make sure your pet feels comfortable for the journey! Flying can be a stressful experience for some pets, so do your best to prepare your dog for the plane. 

Prior to the trip, introduce your pet to their carrier so they can familiarize themselves with any new smells. Place their favorite blanket and a few toys inside the carrier to surround them with familiar scents of home. Avoid rushing your pet through security lines, and give yourself extra time to make it to the airport. 

Before boarding the plane, make a pit stop at one of the doggy bathrooms to relieve your pet. If you’re worried about accidents happening on the plane, place an absorbent pee pad underneath the blanket inside the carrier. Once you and your pet are seated, comfort them with gentle pets and a treat. 

Clean Your Dog After Traveling 

Even pets need to freshen up after a long journey! HICC Pet™ offers travel-friendly Pet Glove Wipes that are easy to pack for long trips with your furry friend. These wipes are great for dogs with sensitive skin and quickly remove any allergens they might have picked up during the journey. 

Our gentle wipes are designed to be owner-friendly with an easy-to-use glove shape for convenient cleaning. Keep your pet healthy and allergen-free during travel with HICC Pet™!

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