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Dog grooming quick tips- DIY dog wash Vs professional groomer?

Dog grooming is a must for health reason of our furry friends. Grooming needs varies according to different dog breeds and type of coat. 

Dog grooming is a must for health reason of our furry friends. What are the challenges you have faced during bathing your dogs? These are some of the dog breeds which is made easier to groom in fact.

Dog breeds grooming chart

Grooming needs varies according to different dog breeds and type of coat. Generally, dogs with long hair and active lifestyle need to be washed more frequently. We may start to introduce the grooming habits among our pets since they are young. Therefore, young puppies & dogs should have done home grooming or visit a pet groomer more often.

Certain dog breeds that have wrinkle face, curly coats and hairy ears demand more attention while cleaning and grooming as dirt tend to hide under those places.


Pros of Home DIY Grooming

  • Save cost compared to pet saloon visits
  • Enjoy greater flexibility and convenience
  • Reduce anxiety in your pets with the familiar environment
  • Great bonding time between owner and the pets


Cons of Home DIY Grooming

  • Longer time consumption due to inexperience in grooming
  • Hassle to clean up the after mess
DIY dog wash

When we choose to groom our dogs at home, bear in mind that we will need to made the initial spending and get ready the full set of grooming tools. In comparison with the budget of getting grooming supplies, you may save the money of paying visit to grooming saloon every 2 weeks to 1 month. The best is you may decide on your own “when” & “where” to groom your dog comfortably especially when your dog is in a good mood. Furthermore, your dog will feel less anxious when the owner is the one who bath him/ her instead. It fosters a good bonding time throughout each positive grooming experience. Grooming at home helps reduce unnecessary travelling with your busy schedule.

For beginners, home grooming is not as easy as we expected and they are advised to learn from the professional or pick up a grooming course before proceed to groom their own dog. They will need to be prepared with screaming, runaway and water mess all over the house and it will take longer time to complete their dog clean up.

However for dog grooming parts such as ear care, sensitive skin treatment and release of anal grand will require the professionals involvement such as groomer & vet to handle the process. Hire a groomer can enjoy the privilege for wide range of pet professional services including Deshedding, Flea Removal, Parasite Detection and Expert Hair Care.

Pet groomer saloon

Process flow of Dog Grooming

Step 1: Brushing

Use a suitable brush depending on your dogs’ coat type to remove dirt, matt and tangles

Step 2:  Bath

Bath with right temperature of water and pet friendly shampoo. If you don’t know how to choose a right shampoo, you may seek for your Vet advice. Alternatively, you may choose the grooming wipes /grooming glove wipes if you dogs are phobia of water sprayer.

Step 3:  Drying

Dry your dog with pet hair dryer. Beware that some dogs are sensitive to the sound of hair dryer. In this case, HICC PET™ Grooming Glove Wipes will be a better option with the rinse free, air dry and skin safe ingredients

Step 4: Cut hair or Trim nail

Make sure your dogs are about 75% dry before proceed to haircut. You may trim the hair especially on the belly and leg as those spots pick up dirt easily. In addition, we need to do nail trimming to our dogs more regularly as overly long nail can affect the dogs’ walking and its toe and paw joints.

Step 5: Brush the teeth

Some people will think that dogs doesn’t require dental care as their teeth will get clean naturally by chewing. It’s not true whereby Gingivitis and Plague will lead to bad breath from our dog.

Step 6: Reward after grooming

Give your dogs some of his favourite treat or probably add in little massage session to praise your dogs for good behavior during grooming.

 Essential Pet Grooming Tools for your Routine

  • Grooming wipes/ Grooming Glove/ Pet Shampoo
  • Brush + Detanglers
  • Nail Clipper/ Nail Trimmer
  • Scissors for dog hair cut
  • Powder or Grooming spray
  • Dog toothbrush & toothpaste

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