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Honoring Memorial Day: K9 Companions in Combat

Honoring Memorial Day: K9 Companions in Combat

What is Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday honoring United States military personnel who died in service of their country. Along with these brave soldiers, HICC Pet™ would like to also celebrate the dedicated K9s that worked alongside their companions in combat. 

What is a K9 Dog?

Dogs who are trained to serve in the military are known as K9s. The Department of Defense helps train dogs to hunt, track scents, and protect their partners in combat zones.

The responsibilities of these brave military dogs include search and rescue, explosive detection, patrol, and physical security. 

K9 Dogs
Photo by Altino Dantas

How Do You Train K9 Dogs

Military dogs must go through a grueling process in order to be considered trained and trusted members of the team. The training begins when the pups are only 6-8 weeks old. With the help of a lovable foster family, the puppies start to develop basic obedience and hunting skills. 

Eventually, the dogs will leave their foster family to continue their training on base. This phase of the training includes learning how to follow commands, navigate combat situations, and practice bite work. When they turn a year old, the canines undergo a final evaluation to enter the Military Working Dog Training Program and become official members of the Department of Defense. 


Military Dog Breeds 

Although they resemble German Shepherds, the dog breed exclusively trained for battle is the Belgian Malinois. This breed has the total package: loyalty, agility, and ferociousness when needed.

The Belgian Malinois is highly intelligent and will strongly bond with their companion in the field. It’s common for military personnel to view their dog as more than an just animal, but also as a true and trusted partner. 

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