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Our pets love affection, don’t they? | Hiccpet

Our pets love affection, don’t they?

We all know it's a struggle when it comes to bath time for pets. As the guardian for our furry friends, we understand that our pets need to be cleaned regularly for health concerns. However, our dogs or cats just hate getting a bath for some unknown reason.

It's not just about the water. As pets can't develop logical thinking like humans and their behavior is mainly derived from past sensory experiences. A board-certified veterinary behaviorist shared in an article that "Even a dog who can swim might not be able to enjoy his bath time due to the traumatized bath experience with the owner. In short, dogs or cats may have a phobia of previous impressions of taking a bath."

The handling issue arises from the bath session. Not only the pets, but we also feel chaotic and stressful when dealing with the right ways to bathe our dogs or cats just to ensure the cleaning is done thoroughly. It is always advisable to remain calm so that our pets don't feel the tension in us, thus making them feel scared of the "out-of-control" bathing time. With HICC Pet®, we help to build stress-free and affectionate bath memories via the innovative Pet Grooming Glove.

No fragrance, no bathtub, no runaways. Formulated with Japan's active ingredient technology, HICC Pet® Pet Grooming Gloves are fragrance-free and come with wipe-filter separation, making it easy to carry and use anywhere. It means you are no longer restricted to bathe your dogs or cats in the bathtub but anywhere they are comfortable. Sound great? In some cases, some cats don't like to be held during the shower as it restrains them from movement. For this case, cleaning wipes could be an ideal bath alternative to replace water, heavy pet shampoo, and even pet shower sprayer.

Mobile Grooming - not just bath time but bonding time. By saving the cost of hiring a pet groomer, you take charge of your pet's grooming at home. HICC Pet® Pet Grooming Gloves, designed with a five-finger shape, make your pets feel that you are combing their fur with your hands. Also, you can conduct a massage session with your dogs/cats while cleaning them with the grooming glove. Below are some crucial areas to wipe and massage your dogs. Dogs or cats generally love massages as it can ease their anxiety and make them feel the affection of their owners.

1. Face
2. Neck
3. Chest
4. Stomach
5. Back
6. Paws

Care for pet skin, help deodorization. Some pet shampoos in the market are more hazardous than you think as they may contain synthetic fragrances, colors, and chemicals that harm our dogs/cat's skin. When choosing the right shower shampoo, PH-neutral ingredients are one of the key factors to consider when maintaining the natural acid in the dog's skin. Beware that you should never apply adult shampoo to your pets as humans and animals have different skin acidic levels, and using the wrong shampoo may cause skin allergies and other complicated diseases for your furry friend.

Formulated with skin care PH Hypochlorous Acid (H-O-Cl) ingredients, our Pet Grooming Gloves are designed to clean, sanitize, and eliminate bad odors from our pets. The hypochlorous molecule is naturally produced by white blood cells for healing and protection purposes. It doesn't damage animal healthy skin, and most importantly, it is safe for licking.

Eco-friendly, rinse-free and air-dry. It's no doubt that drying your pets after bath time is essential as leftover shampoo can make their skin dry, itchy, and irritated. Also, we are advised not to get water into our puppy's eyes or ears. With HICC Pet® Pet Grooming Glove, you can overcome all these obstacles as the instruction manual is as easy as A-B-C. You just have to squeeze the liquid from the top to the bottom part to ensure the glove is ready, then tear the packaging, wear on your hands, and start to wipe your pet.

It's residual-free and air dry so that you don't need to dry them with the noisy hairdryer. I suppose most pets don't like the heat, and the high-velocity airflow from the dryer will have a bad impact on their ears too. Made of eco-friendly non-woven fabric, HICC GROOM! Pet Grooming Gloves are easily disposable after use, especially when you are traveling outdoors with your pets.

With HICC GROOM! revolutionary Pet Grooming Glove, we hope to deliver an innovative solution that helps to make pet’s bath time easier and happier. From there, our pets will be looking forward to their bath time every time. An efficient cleaning makes our pets healthier and live longer ultimately.

Once a saying- I am not a dog owner to my dogs, I am their mother. Pets are our life companion and they sit inside our hearts. 

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