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How to Keep Your Pet Clean While Traveling or Boarding? | Hiccpet

How to Keep Your Pet Clean While Traveling or Boarding

Summer’s here! You’re probably planning your beach vacation or your road trip with family and friends. When you’re a pet owner, however, traveling can get a little bit more complicated. For some pet owners, traveling with your dogs is a must. Holidays are more enjoyable with your fur baby around. For some, however, taking a pet might not be an option due to various reasons. In this case, you might choose to leave your pet with a friend or family member. No matter what you choose, you need to plan and make the necessary preparations. If you’re well prepared, you’ll be more at ease during your journey, regardless of whether your pet travels with you or not.

Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

Dogs and the outdoors are a great match! If your furry friend loves taking daily walks with you, then traveling with your dog is the ultimate bonding experience. Outdoor sports and adventures, such as hiking and camping, are great because dogs love to explore the world. But before you embark on your great adventure, a quick detour to the vet is essential. Do a full physical exam to ensure your pet’s body and mind are in tip-top shape for the trip ahead.

While planning, also choose a dog-friendly route. Consider the length of the journey, road difficulty, elevation, access to water, and shade. If you’re driving your car, do a 15-minute trial run and see if your dog acts normally. You also need to ensure the trip duration so you can pack enough food and supplements to keep your pet healthy. Not only that, but you must also look for pet-friendly hotels. Just like you need some luggage for your things, you also need to pack all your dog’s essentials.

What to pack when traveling with your dog?     

  • Food: kibbles, treats, collapsible dog bowl, water bottle

  • Clothes & Toys: leash, raincoat, sporty T-shirt, waterproof jacket, anti-slip dog boots, thermal dog coat, safety vest, toys

  • Hygiene: poop bags, pet wipes, dry wash shampoo, pet skincare spray

  • Medication: anxiety supplements, medication for car sickness, hydrating treats

  • ID: Identity card, medical records, microchip, vaccination records

Note that no food or water should be given to your pet 1 hour before traveling. Remember to satisfy their toilet needs before setting off.


Travel-Friendly Pet Bath

Dogs can get super curious and energetic while outside. This means it’s inevitable that they’ll eventually get dirty. Cleaning your fur baby is already challenging when you’re at home, but when you’re outside, it can get doubly frustrating. You can’t possibly send them to the groomer’s every day, either. Not only can doing so get expensive, but it’s also hard to find people you can trust to groom your baby well. So, how do you keep your dog clean while traveling?
HICC Pet™ Pet Grooming Gloves provide a simple and easy solution! It’s an innovative product designed to help you clean your pet on the go. The package contains dry wash shampoo with a pair of gloves you can wear to wipe away dirt and odor from your pet. Because it’s formulated with a natural and non-toxic anti-bacterial solution, it’s completely safe to use. You don’t even need to rinse or blow-dry your dog’s fur after. The product dries quickly, so good news for pet owners with noise-sensitive dogs!
Moreover, HICC GROOM! Pet Grooming Gloves’ extra-thick design can cover heavy coats. You can use both sides of the gloves for cleaning and dispose of them after use. In the unfortunate event your dog gets hurt while outside, HICC GROOM!’s main ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, can also soothe pet wound pain and prevent skin infection caused by bacteria. You can use the gloves to clean their wound and hasten the healing process.
Because the product comes in a compact packaging, you can easily store away a couple in your luggage. This way, you can keep your dogs’ coat fresh and fragrant all throughout your trip.



Leave Your Pet with a Pet Sitter

If taking your pet on vacation isn’t an option, you can ask a family member or friend to look after them. Most cats, for example, don’t like to travel. Going out of the safety of their home and meeting strangers are often stressful experiences for felines. Hence, you need to make sure you prepare everything to ensure your pet has a safe and pleasant experience while you’re away.
One of the biggest challenges a pet sitter might encounter, especially if they’re new to pets, is grooming your fur baby. It takes time and effort to build trust and learn what your pet likes and dislikes. That’s why in addition to leaving behind clear feeding instructions, a list of your pet’s routine and habits, and a box full of their favorite treats and toys, be sure to also include some HICC GROOM! Pet Grooming Gloves.
The glove-shaped design makes it easier to use than normal wipes, so whether your friend is a pet newbie or expert, they can easily keep your pets clean. Besides, most pets find the wiping process enjoyable since it mimics the affectionate touch they often receive from their owners. This can help strengthen the bond between your pet sitter and your pet while you’re away.
So, if you decide to have someone else watch your fur baby, remember to bring them to the pet sitter’s place a few days in advance. Visit them frequently before you leave, so they won’t feel like they’re being abandoned. Also, remember to share the instructions below with your pet sitter to teach them how to use HICC GROOM! Pet Grooming Gloves.

How to use HICC Pet® Pet Grooming Gloves?

* We recommend you send this image to your friend or your pet sitter.

With HICC Pet®, your pets are in good hands. Bon voyage!

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