Cat Cleansing Glove Wipes for Sensitive Skin 6 Pcs
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Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) naturally occurs in mammals' white blood cells and is often used in human skincare products. As the primary ingredient in HICC Pet® Cat Glove Wipes Solution, HOCl acts as a germ-reducing agent that soothes irritations, while also providing fast itch relief for your kitty.
  • Soothes hot spots & skin irritations
  • Cleanses eye stains, ears, black chin, face
  • Feature 1Relieves itching and allergies
  • Provides relaxing massage
  • Removes tough odors
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What are the main ingredients of your product solution?

The main ingredient of the solution is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). HOCl is a naturally occurring chemical produced in mammals' white blood cells and was one of the early-used disinfectants. It is a non-irritating and non-toxic ingredient that fights against infections and soothes skin irritations. HOCl is the perfect solution for pets with sensitive skin.

Do the Cat Glove Wipes have a smell?

The main ingredient of our Cat Glove Wipes is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) which has a slight chlorine smell due to the the product being freshly packaged to maintain the natural elements and efficiency. Don't worry, the smell will disappear once it dries after usage. The Cat Glove Wipes also contain no harmful ingredients such as fragrances or additives to cover the surface odor. The more you use the product, the less you will smell the chlorine on your pet since there will be fewer germs to react with the acid.

How often can I use the cat glove wipes?

The Cat Glove Wipes are safe enough for 1-2 times a week or as a daily skincare routine for your kitty companion. Our glove wipes remove bacteria while effectively reducing the risk of skin issues caused by fungi, bacteria, microorganisms, and other harmful substances to promote the skin's immune. These glove wipes assist daily in removing pet odors, dirt stains, wounds, or skin inflammation. For an even better solution, pair them with our pet skin care spray for itching relief and moisturizing balance for the best results.

Can this replace baths?

When a part of your pet's daily grooming, the Cat Glove Wipes can result in a reduced amount of bathing needed. The HOCl solution protects your pets from harmful microbes while being safe and non-toxic. Our HICC Pet® Cat Glove Wipes are natural skin care gloves that relieve common pet skin problems. Along with working to reduce the bathing frequency, the Cat Glove Wipes protect the skin's oily layers, increase skin resistance to harmful germs, and solve common skin irritations with daily use. For long-haired pets with dirt stains around the paws, ears, eyes, and other areas, use 1-2 wipes at a time. For stubborn dirt, we suggest bathing your pet and using our grooming products to smooth your pet's fur as the final touch.

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