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Vet Recommended
Dog Dental Cleaning Finger Wipes Large Size 50 Pcs
The unique fermented Coconut Oil formula, combined with natural, organic plant-based ingredients, makes this product the perfect choice to reduce and prevent plaque, germs, odor, and bacteria in the mouth. Recommended by veterinarians.
  • Feature 1Extra large wipe size
  • Freshens bad breath
  • Daily teeth cleaning
  • Removes plaque & tartar
  • Soothes gum irritations
  • Promotes oral health
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EDI purified water, Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), Tea polyphenol, Fermented coconut oil, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Chamomile extract, Potassium sorbate.

1. What are the ingredients included?

Pet Dental Finger Wipes contain HICC vet-recommended formula which consists of magical 7-day fermented coconut oil essence, baking soda, tea polyphenol, coconut oil, aloe vera leaf extract, and chamomile extract.

2. What do the dental finger wipes help with?

HICC Pet® Dental Finger wipes are effective in cleaning plaque and tartar, keeping teeth and gums healthy, and freshening foul pet breath. Regular use will reduce plaque build-up and promote fresh breath and healthy teeth.

3. Are the wipes biodegradable?

HICC Pet® Dental Finger wipes are made of soft, firm, biodegradable, non-woven fabric.

4. What is the scent/flavor?

The larger-size dental wipes are unscented. There are three types of scent for the normal-size dental wipes: unscented, mint scent, and mentha spicata scent.

5. Is there any additive like alcohol or chemical?

All the ingredients are natural, non-toxic, and veterinarian-recommended. There are no alcohols, chemicals, or additives present.

6. Is the dental wipe a single-use item or do you rinse and reuse it?

Although it is made of high-quality, firm non-woven fabric, we recommend using per wipe only once for hygiene purposes. Each wipe is infused with the unique HICC fermented Coconut Oil essence. It will lose its cleaning effectiveness on your pet's teeth after being rinsed. Please repeat with a second wipe if necessary.

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