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Vet Recommended
Dog Anal Gland Care Spray 4 fl oz
Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) naturally occurs in mammals' white blood cells and is often recreated in human skincare products. As a primary ingredient in HICC Pet® Anal Gland Solution, HOCl works as a germ-reducing agent that soothes irritations and promotes anal gland health for your pet.
  • Feature 1Gently cleanses anal gland
  • Stops scooting on the floor
  • Relieves itching & pain
  • Soothes irritated glands
  • Eliminates tough odors
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Active: Hypochlorous Acid (0.018%)
Inactive: Deionized water

1. Is this product for cats or dogs?

This product can be safely used on both cats and dogs of all ages.

2. Is there any difference with this product between "for cats" and "for dogs"?

No, this product currently has only one package. The ingredient formula works great for both cats and dogs. The bottle for cats and the bottle for dogs are the same.

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