2X Power Cat Skin Care Relief Spray 10.1 fl oz
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Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) naturally occurs in mammals' white blood cells and is often used in human skincare products. As the main ingredient in HICC Pet® 2x Spray Solution, HOCl acts as a germ-reducing agent that soothes irritations and offers fast itch relief for your pet while promoting healing.
  • Double strength of the formula
  • Wound care for cuts, burns & abrasions
  • Cleans post-surgical sites
  • Relieves itch & pain
  • Feature 1Aids in relief of skin discomfort
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1. What's the ingredients of HICC Pet® 2X Power Wound & Skin Care Spray?

The ingredients include Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) (0.02%) and deionized water.

2. What does HICC Pet® 2X Power Wound & Skin Care Spray work for?

The HICC Pet® 2X Power Wound & Skin Care Spray is an excellent solution for post-operative recovery care at home and speeding up the healing process. It helps to relieve itching in 30 seconds and treats hard-to-heal wounds by cleansing your animal’s wounds and creating the stage for optimal healing conditions.

Specifically used for:
--Cuts, scrapes, abrasions, scratches and other minor wounds
--Speed up the healing of hard-to-heal wounds
--Flushing and moisturizing wound sites
--Cleaning post-surgical sites and preventing potential skin issues
--Relieving itch, burns, sores, ulcers
--Soothing hot spots and redness
--Treating insect bites
--Treating abscesses

3. What are the differences between Pet Skin Care Spray and Pet Wound & Antimicrobial Spray?

The difference in HOCI concentration compared to Pet Care Skin Care Spray:

The HOCI concentration of Pet Care Skin Care Spray is 0.01%, while the Pet Wound & Antimicrobial Spray is 0.02%. It is 2 times stronger than the regular strength Pet Care Skin Care Spray.

Difference in features:

Pet Skin Care Spray (3.4fl oz & 16fl oz) is great to
Relieve hot spots and redness.
Soothe wound care for cuts, burns, abrasions, lacerations.
Prevent potential skin issues.

Pet Wound & Antimicrobial Spray (10.1fl oz) is great to
Relieve itching in 3 seconds.
Soothe hard-to-heal wounds.
Post-operative recovery care at home.
It has 0.22mm super fine mist & 360° spraying technology.

Both are Veterinarian-recommended formulas.

4. Can you use the HICC Pet® Spray after the expiration date? If so, how long after?

We recommend using HICC Pet® 2X Power Wound & Skin Care Spray prior to the expiration date marked on the label to utilize maximum strength.

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