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HICC Pet Announces Strategic Relocation to Pacific Northwest, Expanding Its Holistic Pet Wellness and Grooming Solutions

HICC Pet Announces Strategic Relocation to Pacific Northwest, Expanding Its Holistic Pet Wellness and Grooming Solutions

Innovator in Natural Pet Care, HICC Pet®, Moves Headquarters to Foster Growth and Introduce Advanced Grooming and Wellness Products to the Region.

Bellevue, WA - HICC Pet®, a holistic pet wellness and grooming startup, announced today its headquarters relocation to Bellevue, WA. Founded in 2020, HICC Pet has quickly made a name for itself as an innovator in effective pet care solutions, with a product line ranging from skin care sprays to dental finger wipes, providing pet owners with convenient solutions for daily needs.

"Our move to the Pacific Northwest aligns with our brand's focus of innovation and prioritizing pet health,” says Business Development Director, Brandon Barney. "The greater Seattle area is one of the top markets in the pet industry both in terms of household ownership and leadership within the retail sector. We're looking to engage with both sides of the funnel directly as we continue to grow."

The journey of HICC Pet® began with a heartwarming rescue of an ill and injured stray cat named Chestnut, who now is the company's Chief Experience Officer. Eager to find an effective solution for treating his wounds but safe enough for a weak, young kitten, the founders launched their first line of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) wound care products that support the natural healing of pets’ skin barrier. HOCl is a natural compound found in the white blood cells of mammals that actively combats bacteria and infections. Having been used for numerous applications since WWI, HOCI is a safe, alcohol-free alternative to disinfecting surfaces, providing treatment for wounds, and helping to reduce acne and other skin conditions.

“HICC’s goal is to create a holistic approach to pet wellness”, says CEO Andy Peng. “As we expand in the pet industry, our commitment remains unmatched in developing solutions that prioritize the health and comfort of our beloved animal companions.”

New this year, HICC Pet® proudly presents the Pet Antimicrobial Anal Gland Spray and the Flushable Anal Gland Wipes. Their Anal Gland Care Spray is formulated with HOCI to help prevent and heal infections while gently cleaning anal glands and eliminating unpleasant odors. In addition, their Flushable Pet Anal Gland Wipes are made with natural ingredients including their patented fermented coconut oil, DeoPlex®, Manuka honey, and sea salt to help combat tough odors, soothe irritations, and clean sensitive areas on your pet. HICC Pet® will be debuting these products along with their extensive grooming and wellness collections at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida March 20-22, booth #5962. To shop their products, visit as well as their online retail partners Chewy and


About HICC Pet®

HICC Pet® is a holistic Wellness and Grooming Products Company focused on creating safe, natural, and convenient to use solutions for cats and dogs. Founded in 2020, HICC Pet® is headquartered in Bellevue, WA with e-commerce distribution across the United States, South America, and Asia.

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