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HICC GROOM!® Official Name Change To HICC Pet™

HICC GROOM!® Official Name Change To HICC Pet™

HICC GROOM!® announces a new company name change! We are officially renaming our brand from HICC GROOM® to HICC Pet™ starting today. For a few months, we contemplated our long-term goals as a company and how we could significantly impact the pet community. To showcase our innovative talents, operations, and unrelenting devotion to pet care, we decided to reinvent ourselves and develop a higher-quality product line beyond conventional grooming. With these new and improved pet topical products, your cats and dogs will benefit from an all-inclusive brand that delivers deep cleansing and preventative care remedies.

Our pets are like family. They mean everything to us. Our new merchandise line includes grooming and naturally-sourced solutions that will change how pets live daily. We are diverting from traditional grooming products to more advanced pet skin sprays, dental wipes, breed-specific grooming gloves, deep-body massage brushes, and more to better serve our consumers. Expanding our product line, we aim to create a cleaner lifestyle for pets to bond and spend more years with their owners. We will dive deep into introducing more organic goods and trademark ourselves as a top pet health and wellness company. We are officially HICC Pet™, and we could not be more excited!

About HICC Pet™

HICC Pet™ is an innovative pet health and wellness company that desires to revamp the pet care industry. “HICC” is our promise to bring “Health Innovations for a Clean and Comfortable Life” to pets and their owners. We developed the first hypochlorous cleaning glove wipes and used advanced technology to integrate natural and holistic pet ingredients daily.

Expanding our business and bringing awareness to the pet community is our number one goal. HICC Pet™ partners with some of the largest organizations in the nation to create happy pet lives and foster a better living environment. Our community comprises vets, influencers, and over 4,000 online members who trust and promote our products daily. We aim to continue our vision to make more ethical and eco-friendly pet products accessible to the public for the animals we love most. The future will breed a new reign of opportunities for our endeavors to give all pets a healthier, happier lifestyle.

HICC Pet™ Announces New Logo Design!

HICC Pet™ is announcing a new logo change! A few months ago, we completely revamped our brand from HICC GROOM® to HICC Pet™ to reflect the positive changes in our company. We are showcasing brand-new pet products with natural and potent healing ingredients. We are also working with the top animal shelters, researchers, and rescue centers to further impact the lives of all animals.

We are excited about the opportunity to expand our name in the pet care industry with more transparency for consumers. Our new design presents the brand more comprehensively and professionally for our current and future buyers.

Why the new name? Our official brand is HICC Pet™ which stands for Health and Innovation for a Clean and Comfortable Life.

What does the design represent? Each mini symbol is designed to abbreviate the letters HICC Pet™, representing the love and progression we strive towards in the pet healthcare industry. The cat image in PET demonstrates that we predominantly work with domesticated animals like cats and dogs. While representing household pets, it is also the classic image of the chief executive mascot, Chestnut!

Chestnut was the first HICC Pet™ rescue cat and the catalyst to launch the company. Chestnut is a continuous motivator for discovering innovative pet-safe skin solutions and drives our inspiration to change pet lives.

Every thought went into the new logo design, including color intention. The purple illustrates the clinical aspect of our brand, demonstrating the power, ambition, health, and scientific foundation of HICC Pet™ as a nursing brand. We love our animals and the joy they bring us daily, so the yellow portrays the happiness, hope, and energetic lifestyle we want all animals and their pet owners to experience in every moment together.

With the new logo, we are ready to showcase our innovative skills, operations, and dedication to healing animals. Our pet products offer deep skin healing solutions, preventive care remedies, and ethically-sourced ingredients unmatched by conventional grooming brands. 

From our merchandise lines and devotion to perpetuating holistic skin care remedies for pets, we consistently dive deep into uncovering more organic ingredients and characterize ourselves as a top pet health and wellness company.


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