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Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Cat Too Often

Compared to that of humans, pets’ skin is extremely fragile and thin. Thus, bathing them too often can destroy the natural protective layer of their skin. If not properly selected, their bath products may damage your fur baby’s skin, reduce their skin immunity, and make it easier for the bacteria to invade. It can ultimately cause skin problems, including dry skin, itching, allergies, dander, etc.

Fragile Cat Skin - How Often Should You Wash Your Cat?

Cats’ skin condition is different from humans’. Indeed, cats’ skin has fewer layers and is thinner. Its structure is more simple. These felines don’t have the same sweat glands function as humans. Their metabolism cycle is also shorter than ours. Therefore, cat skin is easier to attack. 
Feline skin is composed of the following three main layers:

  • Epidermis: the outer layer. It protects from foreign objects.

  • Dermis: the middle layer under the epidermis. It supports and nourishes the epidermis and skin appendages.

  • Subcutis: the innermost layer that contains the fat beneath the skin and muscles.

The top skin layer, the epidermis, keeps out infectious or noxious agents. It represents the first barrier against external aggressions. The epidermis can also protect the body from invading organisms and injuries because of its immune cells. Also, on cats’ skin, the sebaceous glands produce an important oily secretion called sebum that can protect their skin as well.
When the function of the top skin layer is damaged, cats are more prone to skin diseases. Bathing them too frequently, using inappropriate cleaning products, or using water that is too warm can harm the epidermis and decrease its protective effect. Once the protective layer and immunity are destroyed, the “shield” will no longer be able to fight the skin’s enemies, namely bacteria, fungi, germs, and viruses.

The Most Common Cat Skin Problem - Ringworm In Cats Symptoms

When infectious agents invade a cat’s skin, it can cause lead to skin diseases. The most common infection is ringworm. What are cat ringworm symptoms?
Ringworm is a fungal infection that strikes the superficial layers of the skin, hair, and nails. A ringworm infection is caused by a special group of fungi called dermatophytes, making the medical name of this skin disease dermatophytosis. In cats, one type of dermatophyte, called Microsporum canis, is the culprit of almost all ringworm infections. Ringworm in cats can be also caused by other common fungi, namely Trichophyton mentagrophytes.
Ringworm looks like a red circle that raises on the skin. It can get crusty as it gets thick. The clinical signs of ringworm also include circular areas of hair loss, broken and stubbly hair, scaling skin, inflamed skin, and dandruff. An infected cat will excessively scratch and groom.
These fungal agents are zoonotic. They are highly infectious to humans and dogs when coming in direct contact with an infected animal or contaminated objects and surfaces. The fungal spores are strong and can remain dormant for several months in your house and carpets. Thus, the problem can pose a threat to people and other pets at home.

A Better Solution for Washing Your Pet

Cats can self-groom. Thus, you don’t need to wash your kitty very often. If your cat always gets dirty, a great solution is to use HICC PET! Pet Grooming Gloves instead of turning to frequent showers. The main asset of this product is that it is made with a neutral pH. It is a gentle and safe product that doesn’t affect the protectivity of pets’ top skin layer while you clean your pet. Not only does it not damage the epidermis, but the formula can also disinfect and sanitize your pet’s skin. It can improve their microbiota in the long term and soothe common skin problems caused by bacteria and fungi. The gloves can also be used to flush infected areas, relieve itching, and speed up the healing process.
HICC PET! Pet Grooming Gloves are the perfect solution to a pet bath alternative. The package contains antibacterial shampoo. Afterward, your feline friend’s hair won’t drip and you won’t need to blow dry them after using this product. It is easy for pet owners to use and friendly to your furry friend.

The five-finger glove wipe design allows you to easily cleanse sensitive, tiny body parts, such as your cat’s canthus and butt. It simulates the petting experience and offers stroking interactions that are highly acceptable for your pet. If you feel you need to clean your cat frequently, you should be very careful when choosing cleaning products. Remember not to use human shower gels or dog shampoos for your kitty, for example. HICC PET! Pet Grooming Gloves are an ideal choice when deciding to wash your cat frequently.

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