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5 Tips on How to Travel with Your Cat

5 Tips on How to Travel with Your Cat

Be prepared with all of your cat’s belongings and proper identification while driving cross-country or flying abroad. 

1. Make a packing checklist 

Start prepping for your trip by making a packing checklist for your cat. Before leaving, make sure your cat’s collar is secured with the proper I.D. tags. If you plan on taking your cat outdoors, bring a comfortable harness and leash to use during travel. If your cat has never traveled with you before, consider introducing them to the harness and leash prior to leaving. 

Bring airtight containers of your cat’s food and treats, especially if they need to eat a specific brand that might not be available in other locations. Along with the wet food, be sure to pack portable, on-the-go dishes your cat can eat and drink out of for daytime excursions or during travel.

2. Bring relevant medical documents

If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to have copies of your cat’s health and vaccination records that are easily accessible. You may be asked to present them when landing in another country, and having them on hand in case of vet emergencies is always helpful.

Don’t forget to pack any necessary medications and prescriptions your cat might need during your trip. 

3. Introduce your cat to their carrier

Prior to the trip, introduce your pet to their carrier so they can familiarize themselves with any new smells. To surround them with familiar scents of home, place their favorite blanket and a few toys inside the carrier. Avoid rushing your pet through security lines, and give yourself extra time to make it to the airport

4. Research pet-friendly hotels

Whether you’re driving across the states or flying somewhere new, make sure your hotel is open to four-legged friends. Call ahead and confirm that your cat will be permitted to stay with you. Even if they claim to welcome pets on their website, contact the hotel directly to confirm your cat's stay!

5. Keep your cat clean during travel

Even cats need to freshen up after a long journey! HICC Pet™ offers travel-friendly Pet Glove Wipes that are easy to pack for long trips with your furry friend. These wipes are great for cats with sensitive skin and quickly remove any allergens they might have picked up during the journey.

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