Why Do Your Furry Friends Need Coconuts?

In India, coconuts are referred to as Kalpa Vriksha (“the tree that supplies all that is needed to live”). Coconuts are one of the wonder foods on earth, packed with essential nutrients and numerous health benefits.

The coconut palm has been a top immune booster, antioxidant, humectant, antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral, and antibacterial remedy for thousands of years worldwide. We discovered the healing and moisturizing benefits of adding coconut oil to our pet products.

Ingredient Spotlight

Science backs the use of coconut essence to optimize skin wellness. Our potent formula delivers impressive results for fur and skin health.

HICC PET™ Coconut Oil Fermentation Technology

Explore Nature’s Essence

The Coconut Oil Series contains our HICC PET™ Fermented Coconut Oil Extract and six other organic plant extracts to pamper your fur babies.

Aloe Vera Curacao

Rich in sugars, amino acids & protein. Naturally moistures skin and hair. Anti-inflammatory property.


It has been used as the ingredient for baby cream. Soothing, moisture retention and allergy relief.


A medicinal herb originally from Rome. Antioxidant, antifungal and calming. Great for hot spots, acne, pimples.

Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate. Cleaning and deodorizing. Great for cleaning teeth, freshening breath and reducing plaque.

Tea polyphenol

Active compound present in teas. Natural oxidant and freshens breath. Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.


Antibacterial. Silver ion has the ability to penetrate bacterial cell walls, changing the structure of cell membranes.

Nourishing and Smoothing

We integrate our unique coconut oil formula with premium ingredients like natural oatmeal, aloe vera, and chamomile to penetrate deep into your pet's natural skin barrier. The process enhances the hair's elasticity, provides noble care and nourishment, and promotes a hydrated and healthy luster.

Hypoallergenic Cleaning

HICC selects organic coconuts from the Philippines. We extract and ferment our coconut oil essence from the husk of the coconut (outer layer) through a centrifuge process. After fermentation, the natural cleansing oil properties offer your furry friends a soothing, effective, deep decontamination effect. Extremely gentle on sensitive areas like the eyes and private regions.

Superior Deodorization

Fermented Coconut Oil has a special natural antibacterial effect that fights inflammation. The sweet aroma of fresh tropical coconut milk will leave your fur baby smelling clean.


HICC's original fermented coconut oil technology has stronger potency than ordinary coconut oil. It improves fur resistance, leaving your pet looking new and improved after use. You won't be able to resist hugging your pawfect pal!

Winter Solution

Winter is here! Common winter cat cleaning problems are oil, static electricity, and dry skin! Dry skin destroys the sebum environment, causing excess dandruff and excess oil production.

Here comes the 1st pet product in the U.S. to apply fermented coconut oil! Our super large and flexible five-finger glove wipes can be used anytime, anywhere without water or blow-drying. Save your fur baby from the stress of external environmental dirt and pollution. At the same time, you can interact with your pet with our easy peasy glove wipes.