Cat Personalities: What personality traits does your cat have?

Explore the different and interesting personalities of our feline friends and learn more about how they behave.

5 Tips on How to Travel with Your Cat

Keep your cat cool this summer! Here are 5 of our best tips on traveling with your four-legged friend with HICC Pet™. 

Karl Lagerfeld: The Fashion Icon and His Furry Companion

HICC Pet™ presents the 2023 Mutt Gala! Showcase your pet's best fashion-forward outfit for a chance to win up to $100 of premium pet skin care.

Say Cheese! A Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Your Cat's Teeth Healthy and Shiny

Stop fighting with your cat to brush its teeth! Learn how to clean your cat's teeth without the hassle of brushing for long-term health and high-quality cat dental care. HICC PET spills all the cat teeth-cleaning secrets here.

Purrfectly Clean: The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Cat Ears

Cleaning your cat’s ears is integral to their overall health and well-being. Discover how to gently clean cat ears and prevent infections. We cover everything you need to know about cleaning your cat’s ears, from understanding their anatomy to different cleaning methods and preventing ear problems.

How to Manage Your Cat's Spring Fever: Expert Advice on What to Do

If your cats seem restless and full of energy, they may have a case of spring fever. Learn ways to handle your cats' spring fever symptoms to keep them calm and manage their shedding. HICC PET™ delivers expert advice for all cat lovers.

How to Choose the Right Cat Grooming Products

Cats love to groom themselves naturally, but self-grooming can only take them so far. When it’s time to pull out the cat grooming products, your kitty will fight you at every turn. Read further to learn how to choose the right cat grooming products and learn valuable tips on grooming your cat.

Happy Sphynx Cat Care: Health Maintenance Tips

A Sphynx cat is an extraordinary creature. They are lovable, hairless, and unique animals that require a certain level of attention and care. Before adopting a hairless cat into your home read how to care for a sphynx cat.

9 Common Cat Diseases to Look Out For

Understand the signs of a cat illness so you can act quickly before the condition worsens. Bacteria cause diseases that affect cats from dental decay to more severe conditions like cancers. Use products like pet grooming wipes or cat hot spot anti-itch spray as a preventative measure.

17 DIY Cat Toys Cats Can't Resist

Spoil your favorite feline companion with some easy, creative, and crafty DIY cat toys. Check out this compiled list of DIY cat toys for multiple or single-cat homes!