How to Choose the Right Cat Grooming Products

Cats love to groom themselves naturally, but self-grooming can only take them so far. When it’s time to pull out the cat grooming products, your kitty will fight you at every turn. Read further to learn how to choose the right cat grooming products and learn valuable tips on grooming your cat.

Happy Sphynx Cat Care: Health Maintenance Tips

A Sphynx cat is an extraordinary creature. They are lovable, hairless, and unique animals that require a certain level of attention and care. Before adopting a hairless cat into your home read how to care for a sphynx cat.

9 Common Cat Diseases to Look Out For

Understand the signs of a cat illness so you can act quickly before the condition worsens. Bacteria cause diseases that affect cats from dental decay to more severe conditions like cancers. Use products like pet grooming wipes or cat hot spot anti-itch spray as a preventative measure.

17 DIY Cat Toys Cats Can't Resist

Spoil your favorite feline companion with some easy, creative, and crafty DIY cat toys. Check out this compiled list of DIY cat toys for multiple or single-cat homes!

How to Care for a Hairless Sphynx Cat

So you’re thinking about getting a sphynx, and you’re unsure about the level of care they require. Not to worry, owning a sphynx cat can seem like a bit of work, but there are many benefits to adopting one of these cute hairless animals. 

How to Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

We’ve all experienced it before...

8 Cat Easter Basket Gift Ideas You Will Love

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Common Causes of Cat Itchy Skin and What You Can Do

Does your kitty constantly scratch, chew, and lick their skin? There might be some underlying issues that you should be cautious with.

Cat Tear Stains: How to deal with feline “sad eyes”?

It is time to get rid of your cat baby's tear stains! Wondering what epiphora is and how to clean tear stains? Learn the main symptoms of this problem, as well as the treatment you can implement. Check it out!

How to Say Happy Thanksgiving to Your Cat?

A happy catsgiving is a happy thanksgiving!

How do I know if my cat has a healthy coat?

Wondering what a healthy cat coat should look like? From the HICC PET blog, you will learn the key signs and how to take care of it. You are welcome!

How To Identify Your Cat’s Coat Type?

Is your kitty being judged by how she looks?